Author’s educational projects by Elena Gopchuk who holds a PhD in Medical Science, a Master’s degree in Medicine, who is an obstetrician-gynecologist, sexologist and healthy lifestyle coach.

I would like to pay your attention to my educational seminars. Their aim is to share the basic knowledge about the body, its constitution and function. Every seminar is an enthralling mixture of physiology, anatomy and life psychology. The format of seminars includes a public performance with answers to the questions and also different kinds of work such as an auditorium, group or individual work.

It is possible to order seminars for companies and collectives. Our meetings are always interesting and never banal. As I am a doctor so I want to form the healthy and strong society and restore to life healthy habits and understanding of our bodies. If you would like to order a seminar, please send me an email at

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“To be a woman is to transmit health knowledge to your scions”

Duration: 2 hours

I invite you to discuss questions about women’s health, to broach topical subjects concerning women’s health in different periods of life, to help with everyday questions related to anatomy, physiology, hygiene, pregnancy, delivery, sexuality, age-related changes of women’s organism.

Main Topics:

  1. Structure and Function of the Reproductive System.

  2. Current Personal Hygiene Issues.

  3. From Conception to Birth.

  4. Contraception.

  5. Briefly about Infections.

  6. Age-related Changes and Adaptation to Them.

  7. Women’s Life – Mission with 3 Unknowns: Lover, Wife, Mother.

  8. Women’s Bond across Generations – How to Transmit Healthy Habits.

“Nature of Women’s Health: Anatomy of Orgasm”

Duration: 2 hours

It includes questions about the secrets of women’s and men’s bodies, self-knowledge, understanding of your limits and those intimate issues that you dare not ask.

Main Topics:

  1.  General knowledge of the human body – intimate zone, anatomy and physiology.
  2. Why do we need orgasms and who is responsible for pleasure?
  3.  How to increase the Sensitivity and Orgasticity?
  4. Enjoy being a Woman!
  5. Review of the modern practices and simulators for training of intimate muscles.
  6. Secrets of female attractiveness.

“Sexual self-esteem”. Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Women’s Self-Esteem.

A woman is the fair sex. Healthy and happy Woman, knowing her body, self-confident, with a merry twinkle in her eyes and affectionate smile – is there anything else more sexual? Knowledge, Body, Sexual Self-Esteem – You will understand the interrelation between these notions. This is a series of master classes that is created to understand yourself from the point of view of women’s physiology and sexual relationship, to get knowledge about your body, to identify strong sides, to discover personal uniqueness, to learn how to cope with different physiological states and to feel your everlasting sexuality and value. The program includes two variants of meetings:

1. Detailed – 3 meetings that last 2 hours for each seminar.   

  • Meeting №1 “Likbez (campaign against illiteracy): Body, Sexuality and Self-esteem.

  • Meeting №2 “Where is pleasure hidden?”

  • Meeting №3 “Instruments of impact on self-esteem – appearance”. It includes a meeting with a hairdresser, stylist and photographer. Variants of   a combination of information are also possible.

2. Condensed form – 2-hour seminar conducting by me.

“Chemistry of Love and Relationships”

Hormonal and chemical internal influence upon our life and relationships is tremendous. I will lift the veil of secrecy and will share my knowledge about hormones and chemistry of somatic processes using comprehensible language and helpful information.

“What do men really want?” – Seminar- Research.

Duration: 2 hours

It includes findings of the investigation that was made based on the survey of 50 men from different countries. You will learn how to tell about your desires, how to recognize and realize the desires of your man and yours and how not to be ashamed of their demonstration.