I am Elena Gopchuk and I am an obstetrician-gynecologist, psychologist, sexologist and healthy lifestyle coach.

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Discuss your health concerns with a board-certified doctor from the comfort of your own home or office.



My name is Elena Gopchuk. I am an obstetrician-gynecologist, healthy lifestyle coach. I have a Ph.D. in Medical Science degree and I offer online health consultations via available online-call resources like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

During an online consultation, you will be able to clarify all questions that you are interested in, you will receive informational and psychological support from a certified specialist and if the issue is not resolved online you will see a doctor in person.

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Consultation for women with inflammatory diseases of the female genitals, sexually transmitted infections (STI), menstrual disorders.


Clarification of issues related to pregnancy and childbirth, complications of pregnancy, issues related to prevention of unintended pregnancy, possible health complications associated with abortion, caesarean section (CS) and birth partnership.

Pediatric Gynecology

Issues related to diseases of the genitals among children and adolescent girls, the absence of menses, violation of ovarian-menstrual cycle, puberty.

Healthy Lifestyle

Supporting healthy habit-formation and weight normalization.


Issues related to health problems caused by psychological disorders, psychosomatic disorders and organ disfunction - the analysis of situations and the formation of behavioral strategies.

Infertility Treatment

Issues related to problems with the onset of pregnancy, development of algorithms for treatment of infertility, psychological support of individuals dealing with infertility, clarification of questions related to in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogate motherhood, egg donation, child-bearing and delivery after IVF.

Pregnancy Planning

Questions related to preparing for pregnancy of a woman and her partner, child-bearing, preparing for delivery.

Sexual and Intimate Life

Questions related to sexual life, lack of sexual life, sexual self-esteem and adolescent sex education.

Male Intimate Health

Clarification of questions related to male reproductive system diseases, infertility and development of algorithms for a checkup.



Online support and help in preparing for pregnancy

during the pregnancy period, development of an individual algorithm for managing pregnancy depending on health conditions.

Psychological counseling

support the therapy of psychosomatic illnesses and revealing the nature of the disease.

Life coaching and health consultation

include the creation of a healthy lifestyle, individual healthy habits or healthy family traditions.

Seminars and Webinars

include author’s educational programs helping you get to know yourself on a deeper level and understand the nature of problems and diseases.



The peculiarity of my approach is the combination of modern methods of coaching and psychology with 16 years of seniority in classical medicine. My goal is to help women to be healthy and not to visit a doctor regularly.




During 12 years of intensive studying, I have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills that I use in my practice. I have been consulting people online for 8 years now.

By this time over 4000 people have received answers to their questions from different online resources.




  • An online consultation takes place by appointment only via the website. I personally confirm each request for consultation sending you a confirmation email.

  • The consultation is possible only after prepayment. You can transfer money directly to the bank, PayPal, Revolut or other payment systems.

  • The consultation lasts 40-60 minutes; time depends on the specific situation that discussed beforehand.


  • When you ask a question it means that you will receive a short and informative answer. If you would like to receive a more detailed explanation regarding your situation you may receive it during your online consultation.

  • All questions are accepted by filling a form on the website. They should be laconic and clear.

  • You will receive the answer to your question within 3-7 business days. Tactless and unethical questions won’t be answered.



  • You don’t have the opportunity to see a doctor.
  • You travel a lot, live or work in a different country.
  • You got used to receiving fast and high-quality services online.
  • Your personal doctor is unavailable and you need immediate consultation.
  • You don’t want to waste your time on the way to the clinic and the wait in a queue as it’s possible to receive assistance from any convenient place for you in case you have a good Internet connection.
  • You have a fear of doctors and any physical contact with them.
  • Minimum expense, maximum information.
  • You need a second (or a third) expert opinion regarding your issue or diagnosis.
  • You temporarily have no medical insurance in the country of residence but there is an urgent need to resolve your issue.
  • You save your time and nerves as you will receive informative answers to all the questions you are worrying about from any convenient place for you that will help you stay calm and make a decision regarding further action.
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Schedule an appointment online

Discuss your health concerns with a board-certified doctor from the comfort of your own home or office.

Love Yourself and Be Healthy!



A professional and comprehensive approach to a person’s health and development of an algorithm for dealing with painful situations are an instrument of understanding yourself and a way out of crisis situations towards healthy habits.



Dear Doctor, with a sensitive, sympathetic, poetic Soul, always professional, I admire your knowledge and wisdom! You love and educate people including those who are only going to come into the world!

Elena, thank Life that I made friends with you. Thank you for your helpful words and actions, practical advice, your knowing glance, acceptance, your Olympic calm that enchants. My irrational fear disappears somewhere and I can ask and discuss the most important things in my life such as a health issue and its nuances. I love listening to your lectures, watching your videos, wise, with profound meaning and unique form. Your parables about Health and Life, and we are in it, are full of bright ideas, research spirit, life-saving schemes, recommendations and answers to all questions. Continue to create, treat, save, my Dear Doctor, raising the level of oxytocin by your love and respect.

Marina Bodenchuk

I read your articles as they are useful to me. Our government doesn’t think about girls’ and women’s health education. But you help to impart knowledge. It’s very useful even for women at a mature age.

Marina Karpova

Elena is the kindest, the wisest, the most knowing (!) and the most modern doctor I’ve ever met! Sometimes we, girls, have problems because of our bad temper, but Elena always looks deeper at the situation with the health and she always takes into consideration the personality of her patients when choosing a course of treatment. I recommend her to all my girlfriends!

Darya Bogun

I’m so grateful that I met this wonderful Woman with Big Heart!!! Elena is not only a Doctor, but she is a friend of our Family. Elena is a kind fairy for me who always helps and gives off positive energy. When I come to the consultation I feel at home. The consulting room is cozy, light and full of orchids. That’s why visiting my gynecologist is always like a holiday for me! I’m not afraid at all, it’s even amusing for me. Thank you for your professional help concerning my feminine health questions and sometimes for moral support! Thanks a bunch that we have such doctors in Ukraine! I recommend Elena to all my girlfriends! I hear only positive feedback from my friends.

Ksenia Druzhinina

Elena, you really do much more for women!!!

Victoria Korzh

I was lucky to visit lectures about women’s health traditions twice. It’s indescribably interesting, wise, beautiful and honest, with dignity and open heart! Every lecture includes a lot of humor and playfulness that helps to take ALL useful and necessary material without the slightest resistance. They are full of love, respect and kindness to women. These are lectures that are necessary to present as a gift to yourself and each other. That is how to transmit women’s health traditions!

Anna Kushneruk

I’m happy to write my grateful feedback about this wonderful woman, a great professional knowing her business and just a person with a big heart! This is a doctor who sees not only your body but also your soul. She knows girls inside out and the problems that they have. I give 100% that I feel like I meet with my friend, there is no moral teaching, she never looks down on her patients but she always gives friendly support, woman’s understanding and confidence. I recommend Elena to all girls as she is an experienced and wise gynecologist. I always know while visiting Elena’s consulting room that I will receive much more comparing with usual check-up in an ordinary clinic. Thank you so much for your tactfulness, professionalism and sympathetic attitude! Now I want to visit seminars dedicated to women’s health!

Mila Brant

Thanks to the concourse of circumstances I met with this interesting, talented and just beautiful woman, Elena Gopchuk. She is an amazing and indispensable specialist for every girl and woman, real professional knowing her business! As we know the motto of every doctor is “Do not harm!” and I would add: “Don’t harm both physically and morally”. I sincerely recommend Elena as she is an experienced doctor, who uses the modern methods of checkups and diagnostics, who explains and clarifies in calmly, competently, tactfully manner all nuances and as a kind friend can joke and cheer up with words: “What did you think up?! Everything is fine with you!”) Also, Elena teaches to appreciate and take care of such a delicate sphere as women’s health! I wish we had more doctors like Elena))

Nataliya Melnitskaya

I go to Elena’s consultation as if she is my best friend but not my doctor. I can tell her all my secrets without a blush. I always find support and understanding. I’ve never met such a competent and dedicated doctor. Elena teaches us to take care of our health and take pleasure in being a woman!!!

Anna Lally

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Terms for asking a question

When you ask a question it means that you will receive a short and informative answer. If you would like to receive a more detailed explanation regarding your situation you may receive it during your online consultationAll questions are accepted by filling a form on the website. They should be laconic and clear.  You will receive the answer to your question within 3-7 business days. Tactless and unethical questions won’t be answered.