About lifestyle medicine⁣⁣. ⁣⁣⠀

Published:31, January, 2021

The times of the pandemic have accelerated the transformation of medicine even more. It is difficult to see a doctor, and is it worth the risk of going to the hospital ..? In thoughtfulness, we push the problem aside, isolate ourselves from it and wait .. making it worse. ⁣If I look inward, I can look at the spheres of life on my own, influencing which you can fix a lot! ⁣ Tired of the classic pills in medicine, many ramifications have emerged. One of them, fundamental and evidence-based, is lifestyle medicine – lifestyle medicine. ⁣ Treatment and prevention of chronic diseases by identifying the cause of their occurrence and through the influence on the way of life: sleep, nutrition, physical activity, bad habits, stress, sexual life, communication. Now, during the next lockdown pause, it’s time to look inside yourself . We are discussing the tools for analyzing the spheres of life with the doctor-gynecologist-endocrinologist Elena Gopchuk (Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Medicine, author of books and medical inventions) who has supplemented his medical profession with the specialization of lifestyle therapist.

Be always beautiful and happy!
With love to you,
Hopchuk Elena