Published:27, May, 2019

They say that everything starts with a woman. And only a healthy, satisfied woman can give her man a dignified and happy life. We live in a world where, figuratively speaking, the head dominates the body.  Unfortunately, more and more often in medical practice we’re meeting the head which doesn’t know what the body wants. Self-knowledge, knowledge of one’s own physiology should become an integral part of the basic knowledge a person gets.

Denying the Problem is not a Solution

I am convinced that a woman, who knows herself well, will be able to push the right buttons in her relationship with a man. We are talking about the problem of premature ejaculation, but in relation to what is it premature? Before the woman gets her satisfaction? But should a woman, if she is in a good partnership, strive to achieve orgasm during every sexual intercourse? Of course not. If they are in a stable and long-established relationship, women are ready to turn a blind eye to their dissatisfaction, to play along with their loved one and to fake an orgasm, as if ashamed of their “displeasure”.

I assume it to be a profound mistake on the woman’s part to give her man a false picture of what is going on during the initial period in the relationship.

This way she would do him an absolute disservice. If the problem of premature ejaculation is there, you need to talk about it with your partner.

How Porn Spoils Sexual Relationship

Alas, modern men are spoiled by an abundance of pornographic products. Still those pictures are unreal and the sexual intercourse in them, including the process of achieving an orgasm by a woman, is far from reality. In condition of an illiteracy regarding their bodies, too many men are sincerely mistaken as for their women and themselves. Such men make gross blunders in their sexual practices, sometimes forgetting even the prelude. All this cannot but affect the quality of sexual life.

In couples with harmonious interactions between bodies and souls, trust between partners and acceptance of them are of great importance. At the same time, patience and tolerance do not at all mean that women should become masochists and close their eyes to the lack of pleasure. That would inevitably cause enormous irritation and might lead not only to gynecological problems, but also to the development of oncological pathology. Therefore, a trust contact with a partner is necessary. It is very important to verbalize your feelings, to name them, to speak with your man openly about your sensations.

It is also necessary to work on yourself and with yourself – to develop your intimate and sensual spheres. Though we were taught that emotions are our weakness and to display them is shameful, nowadays a woman can and should discuss her intimate life as part of her relationship with a man.

сексуальные проблемы

When and How Do I Talk with my Partner?

I believe that you should start talking before the disaster comes. When a woman knows herself well, she can easily teach a man how to use the musical instrument of her body to play an amazing sonata on it. Do not be shy to talk about your erogenous zones and sensual places. It is important not to wait until the problem becomes chronic.

The main aim for a woman is to convey the information to her man in the most tactful way. The stronger sex, as you know, is courageous in everything except recognition of their sexual problems. A word spoken at a wrong time can lead to a psychosomatic trauma, and so to the necessity of a long time treatment by a sexologist. The success of the latter is not guaranteed. The more correct variant for a woman is to take her time and to try to feel whether or not it’s a proper time to say something. Also one should not rush with disappointing conclusions. Sometimes an early ejaculation may be just a consequence of the circumstances which will not last long.

A woman needs to provide necessary feedback to a man, so that this may lead to an exchange of experiences and as a result to the disappearance of the reasons to complain.

Be always beautiful and happy!
With love to you,
Hopchuk Elena