Women’s health and skin, understanding and support.

Published:28, December, 2016

Have you ever thought about the fact that the human skin is the largest area of its authority? The area of skin in the adult reaches 1.5-2.3 m ², and weight – 4-6% of total body weight. The main externally-visible area of skin in all seasons is the skin of the face and hands, its condition is what we appreciate first of all, paying attention to the person. Skin – a very important multifunctional organ of the human body, it performs nutritional, respiratory, excretory, and protective functions. Like any organ, the skin requires attention, respect and care.
With the development of technology society makes the skin more and more requirements, involving a person to care of his “beautiful aging.” Often we treat the skin pragmatically, as a business card – when we detect defects on the skin we try to hide it under make-up, to deal with the situation at the cosmetician and quickly eliminate the problem. However, it would be good to learn listening to the signals that we can read by the skin, as a face – not just a “mirror of the soul”, but also “the mirror of the body”, and its condition can tell a lot about the quality of healh.

Rash, wrinkles, age spots, redness, hot flushes, greasiness, dryness, irritation do not appear just like that, they talk about changes in the “internal chemistry.»

People come to see a gynecologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, allergist, and many other professionals, in particular, with complaints of skin condition. I am a representative of “the science of women” – gynecology, and I always pay attention to “monologue” of the skin and explain the signs that the skin sends. This is what I want to speak about in my article.

I will speak about the most common skin “letters” and introduce modern tools to help dealing with the situation.

The increased greasiness of the skin and acne (acne vulgaris, acne, blackheads, pimples) – is a change of the sebaceous glands, inflammatory nodules (which we call “spots”), which are often painful, as well as non-inflammatory comedones – painless black dots. Acne is mainly located on the skin of face, neck, chest and back. Excess sebum causes an inflammatory response in glands and hair follicles. As a result, the follicle becomes blocked by horny masses (exfoliated epithelium and glands secret). If the mouth of the follicle is closed, a white eel can be formed (closed comedones); if it is open – a black eel is formed (open comedones). Stretched follicle wall can be broken – then the contents penetrates deeper into the skin and ulcers are formed, and an unfavorable courses are nodes and scars. More than just unpleasant abscessed acne, which merge and form large ulcers, can affect the deeper layers of the skin, which may be accompanied by scarring.

For the main causes of acne on the face:

  • hormonal changes associated with a dysfunction of the endocrine system, nervous system (disturbance ovarian operation, adrenal gland) that results in an increased concentration of unbound testosterone (and relative deficiency of estrogen), in the blood and its precursors. Changes affect the sebaceous glands causing excess formation and inflammatory reactions. It can be associated with hair loss, or vice versa, its excessive growth in women.

  • infectious-inflammatory diseases of the genitals – through the lymphatic system affect the sensitive facial area and lead to inflammatory changes in the sebaceous glands.

  • gastrointestinal disease, parasitic infestation, violation of development and release of bile, giardia.

  • psycho-somatic reason includes emotional overload, lack of sleep, tension, which are rarely taken into account in the diagnosis of skin.

  • thyroid disorders that affect the hormones and metabolism.

  • habits to touch the face, back, cheek pressing of the phone , because cleanliness and grooming items that have a direct interaction with the skin are very important.

There is a cyclical conditionality in rashes – their appearance coincides with the premenstrual period. The first two weeks of the cycle (14 days from the onset of menstruation) is the time of the action of estrogen, which protects against producing excessive secretions by sebaceous glands. During the second two weeks, the level of estrogen is reduced, the sebaceous glands become less secure, testosterone, progesterone stimulate the production of sebum, increase greasiness and rash may appear.

Acne during puberty is considered relatively physiological, due to the restructuring of the hormonal levels, but it is important to understand that this is a temporary functional disorder and not a disease.

Consulting of a dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist is suitable when the eels appear to understand the reason, to examine, to develop an algorithm of care and time to connect the treatment drugs.

Possible causes of skin problems show that the gynecologist involved in helping to prevent adrenal disease, ovarian, infectious diseases of the genitals.

Diagnosis of a gynecologist includes a general inspection, general clinical blood and urine tests, blood chemistry, the study of the level of sex hormones, adrenal hormones, pelvic ultrasound and thyroid consultation and related professionals. All this is important to identify the place of “failure” and choose the right care and help. Alternative medical care by a gynecologist in the case of not gynecological problems includes the selection of rational therapy (it can be birth control pills containing estrogen and progestins, testosterone-lowering drugs (antiandrogens), pure estrogen or estrogen-like drugs, herbal and homeopathic remedies).

Care and cleansing of the skin, in the absence of obvious skin problems is most favorable in the first phase of the cycle. Gentle exfoliating, anti-inflammatory care, cleaning externally help alleviate the situation. Of course this is only external support, you need to remember about nutrition, restriction of carbohydrates, normalizing the excretory function of the intestine. Sports and outdoor stays balance the internal organs.

Realities and misconceptions about acne and greasy skin.

  • sex rid of acne – the intensity of sexual life, its the quality, of course, contribute to the harmonization of the endocrine system, however, if the cause of lesions has not dishormonal origin – sex life can not save from acne;

  • dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract rises to acne – it is a fact. Violation of the excretory function of the intestine, liver leads to the accumulation of toxins. The skin (subcutaneous fat) reacts on it by rash;

  • improper care, not suitable means cause acne; it is very important to understand your skin type; choose the right tool for cleaning and feeding, and regular care;

  • weight loss – the cause of acne – in itself a cause of weight loss can not be rash, but the state, provoked diet – may be associated with hormonal and metabolic rearrangements, which result in the appearance of acne.

There is another situation that you may encounter with. It is skin hyperpigmentation.

Women have hyperpigmentation skin more often than men. There is a number of reasons which includes a genetic predisposition, hormonal changes in menopause, pregnancy, endocrine disorders and connective tissue diseases, trauma, UV radiation, skin aging.

It is not enough just cosmetic solutions to the problem: moisturizing daily care, sunscreens, peeling, brightening agents. It should be screened to exclude disease of the liver, gallbladder, thyroid, adrenal glands, and blood coagulation. A woman may need hormone replacement therapy, and consultation of the gynecologist will help deal with the work of the ovaries.

Naso-labial folds, wrinkles are the result of aging and ptosis which thoroughly appears after age 40 and before too before this age. The appearance of wrinkles and facial contours dislodging may indicate hormonal changes or even early menopause. With age, the amount of collagen decreases, levels of hyaluronic acid and elastin decreases, but they are responsible for the tone, elasticity and condition of the water-lipid membrane surface layer of the skin. The reason is the shortage of female sex hormones. In addition, the decline in testosterone levels with age leads to a decrease

in muscle mass, against which cheeks are flattened and sagging. Therefore, women need to maintain estrogen-progestogen and sometimes androgen replacement therapy. Against the background of hormone replacement therapy, beauty treatments provide a more effective and lasting results.

Alas, after 40 years the work of a dermatologist, cosmetologist (hyaluronic acid injections, Botox, peels) is only part of a systematic approach to the treatment of age-related skin changes.

Hot flashes, sweating, redness of the skin associated with estrogen deficiency and imbalance due to vascular tone may be added to the aging of the skin during menopause coming. Hormone replacement therapy, phytoestrogens, special means affecting estrogen receptors that pick up a gynecologist (excluding contra) also helps to cope with these conditions.

Skin always shows the changes inside the body, experts will best understand its signs. Do not try to diagnose the disease, seek your doctor.

In the meantime, you’ll understand – I remind you of the most affordable means of women’s cosmetics, which will help to feel confident at any age. I feel free to talk about it, as a doctor and a woman, because, it is a support in the little feminine wiles.

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Every woman wants to inspire, to conquer, to capture the imagination. And faithful companion in this is a good make-up. Matting wipes allow instantly and effortlessly to eliminate shine without damaging, refreshing make-up, and to feel at ease throughout the day.

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Thus, the use of matting napkins becomes an effective tool for problem skin, and age-related changes.

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A careful attitude to the body, good mood, love, smile, high-quality communication, regular grooming and contact with professionals in their field, at the first sign of skin displeasure provide basic health of the skin.

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Be always beautiful and happy!
With love to you,
Hopchuk Elena